Alyssa Enrile

Former Wild Force white ranger,
Alyssa dedicated herself to
teaching in early 2002. She
is the mother of both
Ensign Nathaniel Carson
and Ensign Estellla Enrile.

Admiral Anubis Cruger

Former commander of SPD,
"Doggie" now works as
an Admiral for SPD in the
Theta Quadrant.

Commander Schuyler "Sky" Tate

Former B-Squad blue ranger,
later red ranger. Now
Sky is commander of SPD's
Earth branch.

Dr. Dana Mitchell, PHD

Former pink Lightspeed ranger,
Dana serves as the chief
medical officer for SPD.


Senior lab technician for
SPD Earth branch.

Dr. Rose Ortiz

Former pink Overdrive ranger,
Rose serves as the one
of the technology specialists
for SPD.

Ethan James

Former blue Dino Thunder ranger,
Ethan designed several of
SPD's critical systems

Sydney "Syd" Tate

Former B-Sqaud pink ranger,
"Syd" is now retired from
SPD and enjoys civilian life.
She is currently married to
Commander "Sky" Tate.

Admiral Eric Myers

Former Quantum ranger,
Eric is stationed at the
Corysis station for SPD.

Lt. Micah Jordan

Lt. Jordan is from the future
but once accomplishing her goal
and the timeline shifted
she ceased to exist

Ensign DeVika Monroe

Ensign at SPD Earth branch.

Jack Landors

Former B-Squad red ranger.

Ensign Mya Crane

She is an Allurian from Devron IV.
Her race secretes pheromones
making them irrestible to others
regardless of race, species or gender.
Currently assigned to C-Squad as
a counselor.

Lt. Derrick Herrington

He has an experienced pilot
and majoring in astrophysics at SPD.
Currently assigned to C-Squad

Elaina Rheas

She has no official rank, but serves as
doctor for the C-Squad

Lt. David Oliver

Grandson of legendary ranger Tommy
Oliver, David serves as chief of
security and first officer for C-Squad

Patrick Harris

Former Phantom Ranger, and now
bonded to Lt. Nik Martin through
the red energem