1. Beginnings
Cadets "Ella" Enrile and Nathaniel Carson try to adjust to their new lives in Space Patrol Delta
9. Meat pt. II
Garr's parents arrive at the station. Meanwhile, Asia and Nathaniel try to repair the Astro Omega Ship
17. Off
The team is given time to unwind. Asia contemplates her next move while Ella and Garr spend some time together
25. Ethics
Commander Tate and Serenity are at odds about what they should do with their new guest. Dr. Mitchell resigns.
2. Beginnings pt. II
Ella and Nathaniel learn to live with their new roommates
10. Meat pt. III
Ella forces Serenity to confront her feelings for Nathaniel at the most inopportune time. Serenity makes a choice that she believes will prevent the war
18. Phantoms
When SPD loses contact with Ensign Ford on his mission, the team heads to J'Sarri space to find him, the Phantom Ranger and the B-Squad
26. Gary
The Phantom Ranger is completely restored, and the team discovers the fate of the B-Squad rangers
3. Beginnings pt. III
A stranger appears with a disturbing message about the future of SPD
11. Meat pt. IV
Garr is forced to make a choice and Pascal is confronted by Garr's father about his heritage.
19. Phantoms pt. II
The team's mission doesn't go according to plan, and they end up prisoners in a CaAn detention center. Asia and Serenity settle their differences
27. Reunions
Ella and Nathaniel reunited with their father. Z contemplates her next move
4. Undercover
Serenity agrees to go undercover in SPD in an attempt to prevent war
12. Burdens
KJ is briefed on a dangerous mission while Ella and Pascal discuss the afterlife
20. Phantoms pt. III
The team manages to escape, and the Phantom Ranger makes the ultimate sacrifice
28. Rangers
The D-Squad is elevated to active ranger status
5. Limits
The team is sent on a danger mission that tests their limits
13. Preperation
The team prepare for a mission for a critical piece of equipment for the Astro Omega Ship. Commander Tate and Serenity are at odds.
21. Family
The B-Squad are officially deemed lost in the line of duty and a memorial is held, but Ella refuses to accept it
29. Information
Ella and Pascal question to the scientists from the warehouse district and receive some shocking information. Garr contacts his home world for assistance.
6. Limits pt. II
The team learns that some limits should never be tested. Garr is injured.
14. Complication
During their mission into Temere space, the team run into a problem and are forced to land on an unknown planet
22. Family pt. II
Alyssa Enrile comes to SPD for the memorial, and reveals her biggest secret to Jack Landors
30. Armada
The Vorhsoth arrive on Earth
7. Foreshadow
Commander Tate and Admiral Cruger discuss changes within SPD, and an impending threat on a direct course to Earth
15. Truth
Serenity finally reveals the truth to her entire team
23. Frozen
The team retrieve the shuttle that crashed landed on a frozen planet, but are surprised by what they find inside
31. Armada pt. II
The war continues
8. Meat
Serenity and Ella investigate a strange energy reading. Pascal is given the day off
16. Purpose
Lt. Jordan serves her purpose, uniting the team as they prepare for the incoming invasion
24. Mystic
KJ is promoted, and leads his new team to retrieve one of the Mystic Force rangers
32. Closure
The team copes with the lose of one of their own

SPD/Time Force mini series
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