Carson, Nathaniel "The Chief" (Commander)
D.O.B.: 2/29/2008

Nathaniel Carson is the former blue ranger and currently chief of engineering for SPD station. Despite being the older twin, he was born on a leap year, technically giving him a birthday only once every four years. As a member of the "Think Tank", he has been able to revolutionize Space Patrol Delta with his contributions to the new "chrono morphers", refractive shielding, teleportation and the creation of the Summa Lux Copasitor. He has the ability to retain any information he is presented with. When exposed to Xybrian mist, he was granted abilities that allowed him to see into the past, present and future, but relinquished those powers in order to seal temporal fissions that were threatening the universe.


Harris, Patrick (Captain) -father
Carson, Bridge (retired) -father
Enrile, Alyssa (Commander) - mother
Harris, Alexander (lieutenant) -brother
Enrile, Estella (Captain) -sister
Harris, Sebastian (lieutenant) -brother