Enrile, Alyssa (Commander)
D.O.B.: 10/15/1982

Alyssa Enrile is married to Patrick Harris and has four children . Her first two children were born to Bridge Carson, who got Alyssa pregnant when traveling back in time to assist the Overdrive Rangers. Prior to that, during the "Wormhole" is where they originally met, and ended up spending 6 months in the past with her. The two were going to be married, but Commander Cruger erased their memories and took him back to their timeline. Alyssa is the former white Wild Force ranger. In the original timeline, she adopted Sam, an orphan from SPD and only had two children (Nathaniel and Estella) , but after the shift there is no mention of Sam and she had two more children. She is currently second in command on Solaris station.


Harris, Patrick (Captain) -husband
Harris, Alexander (lieutenant) -son
Carson, Nathaniel (Commander) -son
Harris, Sebastian (lieutenant) -son
Enrile, Estella (Captain) -daughter