Enrile, Estella "Ella" (Captain)
D.O.B.: 3/1/2008

Estella Enrile is the former pink ranger and she has the ability to sense other people’s emotions, which a lot of people who confuse it with reading minds. Although she was in the younger twin, she was born the day after leap year, giving her the appearance that she is older. Though she is fun loving and playful, she possesses the ability to handle tense situations with grace. She originally starting her career on censors at the helm of the Omega Ship, later going on to be a counselor. She is credited for resolving the situation at Jupiter station without violence, and for taming a Vorhsoth child (Gary), who serves as her companion. She is currently the commanding officer of the Hermosa.


Harris, Patrick (Captain) -father
Carson, Bridge (retired) -father
Enrile, Alyssa (Commander) - mother
Harris, Alexander (lieutenant) -brother
Carson, Nathaniel (Commander) -brother
Harris, Sebastian (lieutenant) -brother