Harris, Patrick (Captain)
D.O.B.: unknown

Patrick is the former Phantom Ranger, coming into contact with the red energem over 200 years ago. His actual age is unknown. He gave up the power to save the life of Nik Martin, which resulted in the two of them being bonded for a brief time. The gem was separated from them by Keeper, but was later returned to Patrick when he was killed by Univex during a battle in the dimension occupied by the Tribunal of Magick. Serenity Carson was granted a wish (but whom she thought was the tribunal, but was a Nighlok is disguise) and she wish for him to save the red energem so he would live. He was revived, but the gem was taken from him again and memories of the event were removed via memory adaptation. Later, his daughter would reveal to him the truth anyway. He is currently the commanding officer of Solaris station


Enrile, Alyssa (Commander) - wife
Harris, Alexander (lieutenant) -son
Enrile, Estella (Captain) -daughter
Harris, Sebastian (lieutenant) -son
Carson, Nathaniel (Commander) -son