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J'Neya is a Triforian. At the "Time of Enlightenment" when a Triforian comes of age, they are separated into three separate but equal parts. This allows them to ensure they may pursue their passions completely, devoting their time to it, and when they rejoin they will have gained the experience of their other selves. Upon death, a ritual called The Carne Aderunt. The seindo (soul) leaves the body, but another Triforian is selected to receive it. If the rital works, and the new host accepts it, a Triforian may continue with their previous lives. At her death, J'Neya chose not to accept her new host (Creque), allowing her to remain her own person. J'Neya always believed that one of her selves, J'Neya of Emphathy, was actually Astrala, the name of the host who originally accepted J'Neya's seindo. The other remaining selves where J'Neya of Wisdom and J'Neya of Pride.

J'Neya returned after her death to reveal she had been working with the religious purists the entire time, though J'Neya's seindo was already gone. Astrala became the dominate personality, and as the final surviving vessel, aligned herself with the Xybrian government.