(James) Martin, Asia (Doctor)
D.O.B.: 1/16/2013

At an early age, Asia was involved in a car accident that left forced her parents to give her inorganic parts. As a result, she has a ocular implant that allows her to see, and several other implants in her body. Most of the implants were removed to ensure she wouldn't have any complications with the pregnancy. She originally was against the idea of being Serenity's mother as she felt it was her life being decided for her, but eventually came around.


Martin, Nik (Admiral) - husband
Harris, Patrick (captain) - brother in law
Enrile, Alyssa (commander) - sister in law
Carson, Serenity (captain) - daughter
Martin, Christopher -son
Martin, Jessica -daughter
*Martin, Serenity -daughter

* another version of her daughter from current timeline