Commander DeVika Monroe
D.O.B.: unknown

DeVika is the first Ameanzian to serve in SPD, getting her start in vehicle requisition, assigning vechiles to others. She was eventually assigned to the Mega Winger along with KJ Ford, where she gave her life to save her crew. Almost 7 months later, in a show of good faith, Malcolm McGinnis (as Univex) traveled back to the moment of her death to retrieve her. When she returned, she was in a hybernation type state, in which Estella Enrile had to enter her mind to help. Ameanzians, by design, are only able to establish 2 or 3 connections with others. Beside she had 2 brothers, by the time she was born, her parents were unable to connect with her. This led her to shy away from connections with others. She is currently the first officer on the Hermosa.