Early Life

Serenity was originally sent from the future by Sky Tate to help SPD prevent the Vorhsoth invasion, which left humanity all but gone and the Earth in complete ruins. She died in the process, but was pulled from the moment of her death a nanosecond beforehand by Time Force, who recruited her to work for them on a mission to track down a rogue time traveler. Once complete, she and her team returned to SPD only to discover the timeline had shifted as a result of their actions.

SPD Career


Serenity Carson
Gender: female
Homeworld: Earth
DOB: 7/31/2030
First appearance:
Beginnings pt. II
Last appearance:
Known family:

Nathaniel Carson -husband
Asia Martin (James)-mother
Nik Martin -father
Jessica Martin -sister
Christopher Martin -brother
*Serenity Martin -sister