Estella "Ella" Enrile
RANK: Ensign (D-Squad)
Nathaniel Carson (brother)
Sam (adopted brother)
Bridge Carson (father)
Alyssa Enrile (mother)


Early Life
Ella was born on a leap year, and while she was born after her brother (technically making him older) because she was born after midnight, she is born on March 1st, allowing her age to progress with the natural calendar. While Bridge Carson is her biologial father, it was as a result of time travel when Bridge visited 2007 for a mission. Because of the unique situation, she is given the opprotunity to grow up with her father during his childhood years. Later, her mother adopted an orphan, Sam, who becomes her brother and eventually "puts the bug in her ear" to want to join SPD. Ella ends up with her mother Alyssa Enrile's maiden name, Enrile, while her brother took their father's, Carson.

Asia James is involved in an accident of some kind, which left her seriously injured. Most of the left side of her body had to be replaced with biosynthetic implants. Her synthetic arm provides her additional strength, and her ocular implant allows her to see things most people cannot. Her implant also came in handy in Phantoms pt. III as it was able to lower force fields in the CaAn detention center.

SPD Career
She is very energetic and optimistic about things, and that is an attitude that she keeps through the entire series. While she is an accomplished officer, she would rather be known as funloving and easy going. Ella immediately bonds with Serenity, encouraging her to come to terms with her feelings for Ella's brother, Nathaniel Carson. During Truth and Purpose, Serenity is forced to reveal she is from the future and that she does have an interest in Nathaniel. Ella seemed to have a personal bond with everyone, especially Garr, who found her interesting. Serenity sacrifices herself in Closure, and Ella is originally against her brother trying to mount a rescue mission, but later gives in to him. She also feels a special closeness to Patrick Harris, who she credits for risking his life to save the D-Squad.