Serenity Martin
RANK: Lt. Commander (D-Squad)
Asia James (mother)
Nik Martin (father)


Serenity travels from the year 2049, 20 years from the future, to prevent the Vorhsoth invasion that all but destroys the human race. She appeared to Commander Schuyler "Sky" Tate in his office to inform him, presenting him with the dog tags that his father gave him before his death as proof. He accepts her story, and allows her to go undercover with the rest of SPD. While she mentions she is a second year cadet in her time, he demotes her to first year cadet so she would fit in better. Of course, SPD's ranking system was changed, and Admiral Myers on Corysis station promoted her to Lt. Commander and leader of the D-Squad. Originally, Asia James is her first officer (referred to as her right hand), but Asia is later replaced by Lt. Commander Nik Martin. An argument could be made for Estella "Ella" Enrile being Serenity's closest friend, often forcing her to question her own thoughts and embrace her feelings for Nathaniel.

She begins the series very detached from the rest of the group, though it was obvious through her actions that she cared about her well being. After Truth and Purpose, because of a chemical in the air, she was forced to tell the truth to her team. Once her mission was made clear, she found herself opening up more with the team. She eventually starts a relationship with Ensign Nathaniel Carson. Serenity and Asia, once at odds over what Asia's role was meant to be in the future, eventually came to terms with their relationship and became good friends.

Realizing that once her mission was complete, the timeline would shift and she would cease to exist, Serenity realized she was the most likely candidate to sacrifice herself by sealing the dimensional rifts, allowing the Vorhsoth to travel to Terran space.