Nik Martin
RANK: Lt. Commander (D-Squad)
RANK: Lt. Commander (C-Squad)
Serenity (daughter)
Asia James (wife)


Early life
Nik was born in Turtle Cove, California. His father abandoned he and his mother while she was giving birth, and when he was ten years old his mother passed away as well. He went to live with his grandparents in Angel Grove, and when they passed away, he moved to New Tech City to enroll in Space Patrol Delta.

Nik's first interaction with Serenity is during Phantoms where is he told he will be second in command of D-Squad, which he considered a demotion as he was the leader of C-Squad. He was very resistant to taking orders from her, and was even mocked by the rest of the crew for his demotion. Serenity, whoever, put a stop that instantly and the two of them agree to make the best of the situation. Nik agrees to do his part, but makes it clear he has intentions of being assigned the Astro Omega Ship.

During the mission to retrieve the Phantom Ranger, Nik is seriously injured, and the Phantom Ranger gives him the red energem, which grants him immortatlity. However, a complication arises. The gem is already bonded to its original host, Patrick Harris, and in order to maintain the Phantom Ranger powers, they would have to bond at least once a week, and every time the powers need to be accessed. In Closure, Alyssa Enrile presents Patrick Harris with Keeper, who protects the gems. Keeper is able to break the bond on the gem, allowing both Patrick and Nik to lead normal lives.

After Serenity sacrifices herself during the Vorhsoth invasion, Nik is promoted to leader of D-Squad and recruits Asia James to serve as his "left hand" (as oppose to "right hand", which is how Serenity referred to him). Nik and Asia start a relationship, promising to give their first child (assumed to be Serenity) the best possible life.